Submit Your Music

Wandering Minstrels with Jared Ingersol is a syndicated show playing a wide variety of music loosely defined as “folk”. The show welcomes submissions from folk, bluegrass, and Americana artists. Any digital files should be sent as an MP3 320 KBPS or WAV file, via a Dropbox or WeTransfer link (e-mail messages with large MP3 attachments will be deleted), with lyrics provided when possible. E-mail host Jared Ingersol at: for more information, or to get a snail mail address.



For over a decade, Jared Ingersol has worked with artists to develop their careers and promote their music. His love of a wide variety of music and his desire to introduce that music to new ears has led him to help artists in several different capacities over the years.

Whether he is setting up a tour and connecting artists with promoters, handling day to day management, providing career advice or assessment, or helping an artist streamline their workflow, Jared is dedicated to helping spread their music and developing their careers with professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity.

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